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P. 14

I’m on the road to Ayacucho On a dirty mountain highway I’m on the road to Ayacucho On a hot sunshiny day
I’ll be shaken up
In an old bus machine The air is full of dust
And it smells like gasoline
Riding along
Serpentine roads
An ancient country coach
Full of travelers with their loads
Groaning and moaning
The bus is struggling its way up Climbing like a capricorn
The engine better not stop
And down to the valleys It is braking hard
Like a frightened dog Slipping down
An icy boulevard
Riding along ...
Mud-plastered cottages
And deshevelled trees
Passing my window
Farmers working on their knees
Scattered lamas
Goats and toads
Are crossing all along The dusty winding roads
Riding along ...
We’re riding along In walking pace An iron mule
On a turtle race
I hope that we don’t fall Into a riverbed
I should get that
Out of my head
Riding along ...
Close to the edge
Of the abyss
Close to death
Close to Lucifer’s kiss
A crappy roller coaster At walking speed
The will to survive
Is a simple creed
Riding along ...
I’m on the road to Ayacucho
That name means „place of the dead“ Now I know why
I got it in my head

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