Page 13 - CD_Reverend_Schulzz_Shanghaid_Flipbook
P. 13

 Alex had a talking parrot
Since the day he arrived in America It was good to have a friend
After leaving the coast of Africa
He was a proud and conceited bird With appeal and good looks
He had feathers of green and red And his name was “Captain Cook”
He travelled with his master
All over the land
Negotiator, Interpreter
The bird proved to be a helping hand
They climbed the highest mountain Down in Ecuador
They reached the top together Where no man has gone before
They were friends
Of all the animals and flowers
They sailed the Orinoco Discovered electric eels Received electric shocks And escaped head over heels
Then they went into the biggest cavern And dicovered the oilbird
But to the captain’s disappointment
It couldn’t speak a word

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