Page 12 - CD_Reverend_Schulzz_Shanghaid_Flipbook
P. 12

I got a black angel on the roof With waving golden hair
I’m sure she’s weatherproof When she’s working in high air
Got a black angel on the roof
With a soot-blackened face
She’s doing her job in dizzying heights With a ballet dancer’s grace
Black angel under the sun
Girl on the roof – beloved one Black angel in the sky
Where the doves and the sparrows And the airships fly
How can I come closer Cause I suffer from vertigo The only way for me is from A safe position below
Maybe I could hold the ladder
For her descent into my world from the top And afterwards I would invite her
To my favourite coffee shop
Black angel under the sun ...
The angel remains unreachable Like the world she lives in
Up there over the rooftops Where I have never been
The only thing she leaves behind When she walks out my door
Is the smell of smoke and fire And black footsteps on the floor
Black angel under the sun ...

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