Page 6 - CD_Reverend_Schulzz_Shanghaid_Flipbook
P. 6

 I was shanghaid in the heat of the night
When friends and money were gone
Drinking black rum with some sailors from Spain Until the break of dawn
A quayside bar in Ho Chi Minh City Was the last place I saw on land
I fell asleep on the soiled wooden floor While things got out of hand
Wandering over the ocean – Shanghaid!
The very next day I found myself Below deck on a ghost cruise ship Far out on the open sea
The beginning of a nightmare trip
They put me in chains by day And into the ship’s band at night Trapped on a floating wreck
I never was in daylight
There’s no rescue and no land in sight – Shanghaid!
They forced me to play the piano
Even though I can’t!
But I invented some new kind of Mambo And became the leader of the band
SoIgotholdofthekeytothegunsafe And took over the ship
By starting a mutinity
I ended that nightmare trip
Wandering over the ocean – Shanghaid!

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