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 All Songs written by Reverend Schulzz except “When The Ship Comes In” by Bob Dylan Produced by Reverend Schulzz and Andi Kerl at Trusound Ranch
Executive Producer: Andi Kerl
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Andi Kerl
Mastering by Tom Ripphahn at Analoghaus
“Shanghaid” was recorded and mixed from November 2021 to May 2022 adhering to pandemic restrictions responding to the raging Covid19 virus. And it is another war album sadly.
The production was supported by a grant from “Hessische Kulturstiftung”.
Artwork: Volker Stelzner at United Power Fields
Photos: Rev. Schulzz, Philipp Gerbig, Björn Lauer, Tina Abour, Hufi, Michel and Volker Stelzner
Kudos to Blue Lines Backline Rental for providing a stellar Fender Rhodes Stage piano. Danke- schön to the Heine family for supporting the operations in our home at the Trusound Ranch. Thanks a bunch to Constantin Heine for critical DAW support. Heartfelt thanks to the band and the musical contributors for the talent and the dedication they brought to the project. And thank you Tarek Mazrouh from the Offenbach and Lucas Schobert from the Hanau municipality for support. Thanks to Andrea Grogg and Markus Kropp for advice. Thanks to Sonja for patience and support. Thanks and hellos to Carola Odenwäller, Frank “Frunk” Sander, Wolf Schubert-K., Claudius Grigat, Seppl Niemeyer, Daniel Siebert, Franz Aumüller, Trstn Kauke, Alexander Heinrich at Drahtwerk and Cordy.
This record is dedicated to the memory of Moriarti.

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